Episode 38 - Jesus is Salvation

Jesus was nearly at His final destination when He entered the city of Jericho. Throughout His journey, Jesus changed so many lives for the better. And in this city, He was about to change Zacchaeus’ life. Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector. He was a bully who made a lot of money by taxing his fellow Jews. But on that day, something was going to be taken away from him.

[Luke 19:1-10]

Episode 20 - Right There Waiting

We all come to God every time we need Him to do something for us, when we’re facing challenges or when we’re having a problem. God might not be upset to this as He wants us to come and ask Him what we need. However, do we come back to Him and give Him our gratitude? In Luke 17, one of the ten lepers came back to Jesus to give thanks. Where were the others?

[Luke 17:11-19]

Episode 16 - The Calling of Levi

Have you ever felt so guilty that you thought that God would not be able to use you? How low do you think God will go to find you? In the chapter of Luke, we follow the story of Levi who was not an ordinary sinner. As a tax collector, he was hated and excommunicated by the Jews. However, in the same chapter, Jesus called upon him and had fellowship with him. From this point on, Levi's guilt-ridden life was changed forever.

[Luke 5:27-32]