Our expectations… and then God’s


It has been over the past few weeks at church where our Pastor has been faithfully preaching straight from the Gospels and following the narrative of Jesus.

With Easter upon us, it is always a great time to reflect on the reason why Christ came to earth for us.

Simplistically put, He came to die for our sins and to reconcile us with God.
He did so as a substitution, or ransom and in His divinity rose from the dead, conquering death and giving us a hope to have faith in.

There was one passage Pastor Dexter was preaching on, which was Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem for the Passover (Mark 11:1-11) and the theme of expectation came up. Our expectations in particular.

Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly and if you’ve been following the Gospels up until this point, there was a huge expectation for Jesus to bring the Kingdom of Heaven. The expectations of the people manifested as Jesus coming as a conquering king to overthrow Roman rule and restore the Jewish people and ushering in God’s kingdom – although it didn’t quite pan out as they intended, as some days later Jesus was hanging on a cross – mocked and ridiculed.

How often do we have expectations of the Lord? How often do we think we know what’s right and how He should be doing things differently! I’ve been there so often, and so much like the disciples: “No Jesus don’t be ridiculous you don’t need to die – you can be King here and now!”

How mistaken we are. Jesus is the Lord of our lives, not the other way around.

The Lord that rose from the dead does have plans and a purpose for us, despite it not aligning with what we may want.

I hope you can be reflective over this Easter season about who it’s actually about, and the vast things He has done for us (and will continue to do).

I pray you have a happy and safe Easter,

God bless


Thanks to Pastor Dexter for letting me expand on his content, I thoroughly recommend you checking out the sermons page and listening to Episode 2 – The Entry


This article was originally published in The Fellowship Collective by Bryce Bell.